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Caring and Compassionate

I saw Patricia because of a sports injury. I went for acupuncture but got so much more! Patricia listened to my concerns and gave me a combination treatment of massage, acupuncture and cold laser treatment. She took the time to give me a skilled and intuitive treatment for a very fair price. I would highly recommend her services.

 -Jean F.

This was the first time to an acupuncturist. I was pleasantly surprised. Patricia is a knowledgeable, warm and welcoming therapist. I know I went in with pain and felt somewhat better when I left. The next morning I remained better and full of energy. I look forward to my next appointment and continuing on with my acupuncture journey. I would recommend Patricia to everyone. You will be happy you made an appointment.

-Janet M.

Patricia is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in acupuncture and massage. She is kind and thoughtful, and delivers an exceptional service to her clients. I feel fortunate to have been referred to Patricia because she goes above and beyond to assist clients with their needs. She engages in research and consultations at no additional charge to offer useful suggestions on additional recovery methods. I highly recommend Patricia to friends/ family and encourage others to utilize her services.

-Janet S

I was camping in Carpinteria when my sciatica started. The pain shooting down my right leg was unbearable. Pat was able to squeeze me in on short notice. She took her time with me. She gave me a deep tissue massage followed by acupuncture on both sides of my body along with a cold laser treatment. When I left the pain was minimal.  She saved my vacation. I highly recommend her for massage and acupuncture. She also offers cupping.

-Kevin A., Santa Clarita

Patricia is a gifted healer with tremendous knowledge and intuition about what your body and soul needs at that moment. She pays special attention to individual issues, and her touch is strong and incredibly therapeutic. You will not want to leave this tranquil and beautiful oasis.

-Marybeth, C., Carpinteria

Patricia is great!
Patricia is a warm, friendly, insightful masseuse. She listens carefully to what's going on an often offers free and helpful advice on top of her own services. You can tell she really cares about her patients and helping them improve their health!


Patricia is an extremely skilled, detailed and attentive massage expert who I've had the pleasure of working with for over 2 years now. Not only are her massages, the best I've ever received, but she is professional, thoughtful, works hard to ensure you are comfortable and provides a an inviting, clean and welcoming space. I would recommend Patricia to anyone!
-Jessie W

Great Massage Therapist
I've been going to Patricia for the past few years, and she is Awesome! She always address the problem area that needs work. I feel great after i see her, and very relaxed. I highly recommend her, one of the best therapist around!

-Marie F.

Best massage around!
"Fantastic true medical massage! I credit Patricia with helping my herniated disk/sciatica more than any doctor has! Highly recommend booking some time with her!"

-Joe M.

I was at that place where I was sick and I didn't deal with it and suddenly I was flat on my back and couldn't stop, but I had to. Well I was there and she was nearby so I called and got my mom to give me a ride in.

Patricia was caring, gave me tea, heard my tale and figured out what I needed and was warm, helpful, skilled and matter of fact. Patricia was exactly what I needed. A couple of days later I was healed enough to work a half day and then back full time with no relapse. I have not figured out what it is about acupuncture that is so effective, but it is.

Patricia gave me suggestions for herbs and vitamins to support my body in its healing and that was really helpful too. I would go to her again and recommend her to friends. Patricia is a Carpinteria jewel.

-Calla G., Carpinteria

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