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Mini First Aid Pain Relief Kit

Mini First Aid Pain Relief Kit

Formulated by a Dr. of Chinese Medicine, this herbal salve kit is loaded with powerful Chinese herbs for healing. By purchasing it as a kit, you get $60 worth of products for $50. The sizes are perfect to keep in your purse, office, take to the gym or on a trip. 


The Zheng Gu Shui liniment is great for bumps and bruises, muscle soreness as well as for use on bug bites to help with pain and itching. 


Boo boo balm is my go to salve for everything. Great for cuts, scrapes, burns and even eczema. Nourishing sunflower and avocado oil are infused with calendula, plantain and burdock root which are known to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation. Tamanu oil can help with pain relief and mimosa teniuflora is known to help with healing burns. 


Pain Relief Balm has sunflower oil infused with two powerful pain relieving herbs- corydalis and mugwort. Plus tamanu oil which is anti- inflammatory and helps with pain as well. I use this in my clinic all the time and my patients love it. 


Drawing salve uses activated charcoal and white clay along with lavender and tea tree essential oil to help draw out splinters and dry out bug bites to stop the itching. I use it together with the Zheng Gu shui- I apply the liniment first then the drawing paste on top- and cover with a band aid. 


The Lip balm is made with nourishing sunflower seed oil infused with Zi Cao which gives it its natural light pink tint. No colorant is added. Zi Cao is an important Chinese Herb used for skin issues- it can help with dry crack skin and lips. Great to use in harsh winter weather. 


Package Includes: 
2oz spray bottle of Zheng Gu Shui
1oz - Boo boo Balm 
1oz - Pain Relief Balm 
1oz- Drawing Salve
.75 oz- Lip Balm


For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes. Do not apply directly to open wounds or damaged skin. This paste may stain clothing or surfaces.


    Tihis product is made for external use only. 


    No returns on this item unless item has arrived damaged. If there is a problem with the product, please reach out to us and we would love to help.


    Items are shipped via USPS. Items are packed and shipped within 4 business days unless there is a post office holiday.

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