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Boo Boo Balm

Boo Boo Balm

Boo Boo Balm 1 oz


Formulated by a Dr. of Chinese Medicine, this herbal salve is loaded with powerful Chinese herbs for healing. The 1 oz tin is perfect to keep in your purse, office, take to the gym or on a trip. 


Boo boo balm is my go to salve for everything. Great for cuts, scrapes, burns and even eczema. Nourishing sunflower and avocado oil are infused with calendula, plantain and burdock root which are known to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation, along with healing Tamanu nut oil and Mimsosa tenuiflora bark extract. 


Plantain, Calendula and Burdock root all have skin soothing and wound healing properties. 


Mimosa tenuiflora bark extract is used in cosmetics for its antibacterial, soothing and renewing properties and is known to help with healing wounds, specifically burns. The bark is tradionally known as "tepescohuite", and is  widely used for wound-healing and burns in middle and South America.


Tamanu Tamanu Oil is a fatty nut oil that is pressed from the seeds of the tamanu tree. It is often used as a skin care ingredient for anti-aging and wound healing because of its anti inflammatory effects.  This oil can accelerate the healing of tissues by stimulating the creation of collagen and other components of your skin. Along with its wound healing abilities, it can also help reduce scars. Tamanu oil is often used for sunburns and minor burns. (see allergy note below).

I use this in my clinic all the time and my patients love it. I have not added any essential oils in order to let the chinese herbs shine, so it will smell "herby", but I have found that the scent dissipates quickly. But you are free to add any oils or scent you like if the scent bothers you.

***Tamanu oil comes from the seeds of the tamanu tree, but it is classified as a nut tree. If you are allergic to nuts, you shouldn’t use tamanu oil. ***



    Tihis product is made for external use only. 


    No returns on this item unless item has arrived damaged. If there is a problem with the product, please reach out to us and we would love to help.


    Items are shipped via USPS. Items are packed and shipped within 4 business days unless there is a post office holiday.

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