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Cinnamon Apple Tea (black):

$7.50 per 4oz bag
Cinnamon Apple Tea combines the flavors of sweet cinnamon and freshly-harvested apples in a base of mild organic black tea. With lots of naturally sweet cinnamon in a well rounded organic black tea, Cinnamon Apple has always been one of our most popular teas! Serve with some frothy milk to create an apple chai !
Ingredients (* organic): Black tea*, cinnamon*, dried apples*, natural flavors & safflower*.

**Contains caffeine

Herbal Christmas Tea:

$7.50 per 4oz bag
Like a cup of Christmas cheer. This sweet cinnamon blend with spices and pungent mint will ring in the holidays.
Ingredients (* organic): Rooibos*, cinnamon*, orange peel*, cloves*, peppermint*, natural flavors & rose petals*.

Modern Alchemy

Herbal Pumpkin Spice:

$7.50 per 4oz bag
Our Herbal Pumpkin Spice combines organic rooibos with a heady medley of organic spices to create a rich and potent cup of this seasonal caffeine-free tea. Serve by itself, or the traditional way, with milk and sweetener for a perfect "pumpkin spiced latte". 

Ingredients (* organic): Rooibos*, ginger*, cinnamon*, licorice root*, nutmeg*, cloves*, allspice*, and natural flavor.

Autumn fruit​
$7.50 per 4oz bag
​A festive caffeine-free blend of harvest fruits and flowers with autumn fruit and spice flavors, including citrus peels, cranberries, apples, cinnamon, cloves and rosehips.

Ingredients (* organic): Cranberries*, cinnamon*, apples*, rosehips*, cloves*, lemon peel*, orange peel*, natural flavor & calendula flowers*.

Winter fruit and flowers:

$7.50 per 4oz bag
A cozy caffeine-free blend of cooler fruits and flowers with light, warming flavors, representing shadows and light, with the promise of spring, with white cornflowers, heather hibiscus, dried coconut, with a touch of peppermint, and some cinnamon for warmth.
Ingredients (* organic): Cinnamon*, hibiscus*, dried coconut*, peppermint*, corn flowers* and natural flavor

Spring fruit and flowers:

$7.50 per 4oz bag
A fresh caffeine-free blend of spring fruits and flowers with a light berry flavor, representing the first pink roses, vibrant magenta hibiscus, blue and white cornflowers and the most subtle berry flavors, in a base of pure organic green rooibos, sprinkled with dried blueberries.
Ingredients (* organic): Blueberries*, hibiscus*, green rooibos*, cinnamon*, natural flavor, calendula flowers* & corn flowers*.​

Now offering custom blended tonics and teas
for health and longevity

Currently these are only available at Hara Healing Center,
but soon to be offered for sale online. If you would like to order
something and have it shipped, please contact us
by phone to place your order.

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